28th July 2016
Raise a glass
The first wave of Booths's new wine range hit the shelves today.

Branding wine is notoriously difficult. There's such an established visual language and everyone has such strong opinions about how things should look and what things should say. Add to this the stigma retailers still feel customers have about buying wine with a supermarket name on it and you have a minefield of difference considerations to negotiate.

We've solved the problem for Booths by taking a good, long look at their history. You see, they've been importing and selling the best wines since 1871. Long before they considered themselves a supermarket, they thought of themselves as wine merchants and capturing this heritage has not only helped solved the branding dilemma, but has give a strong creative direction as well.

If they were wine merchants, we thought, Booths would surely sell wine under their official name, E H Booth & Co. So that's how we've branded their new labels, with their crest and an identity that sees them sitting very happily along side the likes of Berry Bros. The other design elements of the labels pay homage to the characters of the individual varieties, whilst keeping them part of a strong, united Booths family.

Cheers to their success!