10th Sep 2015
Bangers are a smash
The first big range of our own label work for Booths hits the stores today.

Booths's sausages are a cut above your average banger. They are all produced by the company themselves in their own butchery using the best local meat products and they come in a big array of different varieties, from your traditional pork banger to more a more sophisticated sausage with some fabulous flavours. As you might expect, coming from the North West, Booths are especially good at local specialities and their range of Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lakeland and speciality sausages is second to none.

With such a wide range of product, and with real authority and expertise in the area, the new packaging has to make each individual product sing, whilst creating a strong Booths look. We think that the answer we've come up will make the sausages sizzle on shelf.