19th Apr 2016
Ready, steady, eat
This week, we're in the studio in Manchester, shooting the pack shots for Booths's new ready meals range.

As you know, the expansion and repackaging of Booths's own label product range is well underway. As with all food retailers, in this age of convenience, a significant part of that range is the ready meals offer and we have to say that the buyers in Preston have surpassed themselves with this one. The new range is all made by small, regional craft suppliers and features deliciously authentic grub, like pork belly with black pudding and Thai green curry with sticky jasmine rice.

Of course a stunning new range needs a stunning new idea and we've come up with one that we are sure the punters will like. Ready meals are very personal. They solve the very acute issue of what you're going to have for your tea tonight, or what, if you're rushed for time, you're going to give to your friends who are coming round for dinner. They appeal to very human emotions, so why is the way that they're traditionally packaged and presented always entirely devoid of any human content?

Our designs for the range remedy this. As you can see, the new imagery for the packs is full of human interaction, which makes them warmer, more relevant, much more inviting, and most importantly, all about food and the joy of eating it.

As ideas go, it's not a bad one, and you never know, it might take off.