17 Feb 2014
Take that and party
Last year we were asked to work on the development of a range of new products to expand Booths's own label offer at Christmas.

One category that they was startlingly under represented was convenience party food. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity for Booths to do something that could be build on their brand values and heritage and consequently be an entirely unique take on what can be a rather repetitive offer.

Playing on Booths trump card of regionality, we developed a range that was based on the local specialities of the four counties that Booths operates in. Alongside traditional canapé faves, we added a range of regional soon-to-be favourites such as Morecambe Bay shrimp tartlets, Yorkshire Longhorn Beef and Onion pies, Wensleydale potato skins and Lancashire cheese and damson jelly parcels. A smart Christmas party, the Booths way.

The results have been fantastic.