10 Oct 2014
Move over Denmark Sweden and Finland
The Norwegians finally have a design classic of their own.

There's a lot of chat in the design world at the moment about Norway's fantastic new bank notes. At Smith&+Village, we love them for several reasons:

A) Collaboration:
We love that two sets of designers, Snøhatta and Metric System worked together.

B) Multidisciplinary design:
We love that Snøhatta are best known as architects. Opera House one year, banknotes the next - that's versatile and interesting, isn't it?

C) Norway takes on the design hegemony of the other three:
We've all got Danish chairs and Swedish cushions and Finnish glasses coming out of our eyes, but traditionally, Norwegian design hasn't got much beyond intricate knitwear. This is a pretty big statement and will make the other Nordics scowl at those oil rich former fisherfolk even more.

D) They totally reinvent the idea of a banknote:
Instead of being the outward manifestation of the state and its economic power, money just becomes an abstraction.

But we suppose when you've got all those petrobillions of kroner in the bank, that's exactly what your currency becomes.