06 Jan 2014
This year I'm going to.....
January is a time for resolutions, a time when we all decide we're going to do things a bit differently and hopefully a little better than we did before.

This year, we've managed to make Booths resolve to treat the dreaded post-Christmas period a bit differently too.

Instead of playing the tactical price promotion game, something that always leaves Booths on the back foot, we persuaded them to take a more branded approach to January and give their customers a real reason to shop with them and not competitors.

Our little new year book has done just that by presenting all those resolutions you make about doing the right thing in terms of the products you need to make them work. Customers get a helping hand; Booths get to promote the products they want. Simple and effective.

So effective that the 6% like-for-like Christmas upturn has continued to flourish in the dark days of January.
Craig Robertson

Food styling and recipe creation
Angela Boggiano

Creative Direction
Debrah Smith