11 Mar 2014
Growing all over the world
It's always good to catch up with old friends, especially when they've got a spectacular success story to share.

We've just come back from having a cup of tea at First Point Group. Smith and Village first worked with them in the days before Smith&+Village. The company specialises in recruitment for the telecoms industry, not something that we at first knew very much about, or felt we might be particularly good at. As it turned out, the company is exactly the sort of organisation we like to get our hands on and David and Alistair who run it tired out to be model clients.

The world that First Point Group inhabits is pretty low on branding. Corporate culture is largely judged in operational terms and differentiation, in look, feel and behaviour is almost non-existent. David and Alistair absolutely recognised this and decided that undertaking a proper branding exercise could be the key to their ongoing growth and success.

And boy, has it paid off. Their brand has given them huge differentiation from competitors and they now turn over $60m a year in seven offices worldwide and place staff in 140 countries and have won a string of accolades, including a Queen's Award for Exports, National Champions in the 2013/14 European Business Awards and being one of the Times's 50 Companies to Watch.