12th Nov 2014
It must be Christmas. Pass me the tissues
Hasn't this week been an emotional roller-coaster?

As if the poppies at the Tower, the very moving acts of commemoration at the Cenotaph and two minutes silence on Tuesday weren't enough every Christmas retail advert has been launched to tremulous nationwide weeping and wailing. And what a heart-string-tugging lot they are this year: cupid-playing fairies, lovelorn penguins, awkward children finding redemption through baking, overstretched key workers and, of course, Jim and Otto in no-man's-land.

We can't help feeling rather pleased that amongst all this extraordinary, high-concept, high-tech festive creativity, our own rather down-to-earth, straightforwardly beautiful, titillatingly mouth-watering yet utterly analogue book for Booths has managed to hold its own.

See what The Grocer has to say here: http://www.thegrocer.co.uk/channels/booths-launches-christmas-book-to-showcase-festive-goods/373493.article

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