1 July 2015
Christmas Update part two
It's the hottest day in 13 years. Anyone fancy roasting a turkey?

And a haunch of venison? And nine varieties of pie?
Yes, the photoshoot for this year's Christmas book is well underway, and what an adventurous time we're having. Two weeks to capture over 110 products and create a winter wonderland, when outside the streets of usually rainy Manchester are melting as the thermometer passes 34 degrees.

This year, Smith &+ Village have organised a two-part shoot. Week one was all about lifestyle shots in a disused pub in North Manchester that may well have been used for the seedier scenes of Shameless. Week two is food in the studio, with ovens blasting and the photographers' lights adding to the warmth. As ever, we are joined by the fantastic marketing team from Booths, stylist and photographer extraordinaires, Angela Boggiano and Craig Robinson and the wonderful writer Lydia Slater.

Now let's have a rousing chorus of In The Bleak Midwinter, to take our mind of the sweat.