5th Oct 2015
Money bags (II)
Move over Selfridges and Daunts; the new must-have shopping bag is launched today.

So if you're going to make a big deal about a shopping bag, make it something everyone wants. We love these punchy bags, with their cheeky references to Booths's homelands and we hope that they'll have them queueing in the aisles all over Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Cheshire

The bags have been a huge success generating their own income and spreading the word about Booths with plenty of press coverage across all platforms - they are even being sold on ebay as collectors items. We particularly like it when Booths fans post pictures of the bags in non heartland scenarios like these two here; A Booths bag balancing Balenciaga on the Kings Road and rocking the Preston not Heston look on the beach at the Amalfi coast.