18th Oct 2014
Frieze: an annual masterpiece
As well as loving Christmas and dogs, we love Frieze week in London.

This year, Frieze London and Frieze Masters were exceptional.

In terms of branding, we are especially impressed by how seamlessly the Frieze brand, for nearly 20 years the last word in the contemporary art market, has moved into a wider market of 20th Century, Old Masters, Antiquarian and Oriental art with the Masters brand. Two years ago, when the economic world was shakier, those clever people at Frieze realised that unmade beds and stuffed sharks may not be as secure a future as we all thought and started Masters. An extremely smart move for them and a delight for us, as we get to potter down the road to Regent's Park and see something spectacular.

Highlights/observations this year were:
1) The Helly Nahmad Gallery's astonishing Connoisseur's Apartment, illustrated here. What a fantastically exciting way to show the great modern masters in their potential context.
2) Wonderful work from further afield: exciting galleries from South Africa, Lebanon and of course Brazil
3) The rise of textile art, like this engaging installation by the Brazilian Tonico Lomas Auad. You heard it here first (well you may not have done, but we like to think you might have.)
4) Disappointment from New York. No more body parts, please.
5) The absolutely stunning collection of 13th to 17th century Ethiopian processional crosses - beautiful, simple and moving.