07 Jan 2014
All aboard Brand Portillo
At Smith&+Village, we're delighted to see the return of Michael Portillo to our screens with his improbably compelling rail trips around the country.

We're especially pleased that the first one of this new series starts in Manchester and ends in Chesterfield, passing through practically every town with a Booths store.

As you know, we love a Great British Brand and they don't get much better than Brand Portillo. Awarding him national treasure status simply doesn't do justice to the strategic excellence and creativity that have shifted him from one of Thatcher's darkest knights to media darling. No, he's had the full brand works; perfectly pitched positioning as understated, approachable yet uncontrovertibly brilliant and a stunning new visual identity in very well tailored neons.

Brand Portillo, we applaud you, and we'll follow you wherever your Bradshaw takes you, even if it means foregoing a Virgin Pendolino.